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Description:   Library Management Program is for managing your book, Magazine, CD etc.It makes it easy to keep track of your lending, returning, searching etc of your resources.

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Mobile Library Management System MobLib is a Library Automation System for managing books, CDs, etc., designed primarily for mobile devices and PDAs. Library administration part will be a php web application similar to existing PHPMyLibrary and OpenBiblio, or it could be an add on.

My personal In-outcome management sys this is my personal financial management software,which can set up subjects and records my daily income and outcome.platform - win98/NT + MS Accesslanguage - Delphi5 + ADOonly Chinese version availible now.

PSWeM - PHP SNMP Web Management PSWeM is a SLM (Service Level Management) software for networks . It’s 100% web-based, specifically executing administration tasks of SLA (Service Level Agreement) and QoS (Quality of Service). It uses SNMP and RRDTool to make graphs for now.

Portable Media Player library (PMPlib) Portable Media Player library (PMPlib) is an open source project to develop a management software/library for various portable media players.

USBK Cryptobridge Management Software You can turn your USB sticks and even your removable hard disks into a portable safe and securely carry your all sensitive data or work. The USBK protects your privacy.

Web Based Church Information Management OSC (Open Source Church) is a Church Management Software package based on ImpressCMS ( It supports Membership, Giving and Attendance. The OSC project is managed and championed by Fork of Infocentral. Church Membership TrackingChurch Giving TrackingChurch Attendance TrackingSync Membership with Google ContactsCreate annual giving ...

Weasel View - Network Management W-view is a network management software that takes advatage of ICMP pings, port connection sniffer, and SNMP. I wrote W-view to create asimpler, smaller, and more stable replacement of N*tV**w.Note: For complete SNMP management, this package also r

nybib library management, OPAC nybib is a software package for managing lend and return of media (books etc), targeting small to medium public libraries. Contains also a module to research available media. Out of the box, the user interface is German only. Templating wanted.

Cc Asset, Software, and Tickets (CoAST) CoAST, The Concord Asset, Software, and Ticket system is a php/mysql portal that allows you to receive user problems via a web portal, manage them, and manage hardware and software. Software can be licensed to an asset, which is attached to a user. Computer Support ...

Kaboodle LAN-management software Kaboodle is an application which delivers a number of essential services useful to any small LAN administrator, including LAN visualization, remote control, file-transfer, and a personal-VPN capability to securely connect two LANs together.

Library Accounting System LAS is a media cataloguing system coded in php, mysql and javascript for books, movies, journals & magazines (music planned). LAS is currently geared torward the individual user, but in the future may introduce features for institutions & groups.

Library Notes Library Notes saves your notes. You can sort your notes by categories.The program offers many features:knowing where you closed the window (X and Y coordinates)export or import text filessaves your notes before you computer shut down or before somebody close the programfullscreen supportcustomizing the colors ...

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